How to answer the subjective questions of the PAID survey

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  • How to answer the subjective questions of the PAID survey

Paid survey is generally composed of 95% choice questions and 5% subjective questions.

Subjective questions are also called open questions.

Paid survey subjective questions or online discussions to obtain high-quality answers, we have summarized three methods in our experience.

Method 1: Write your own, own original.

In most online discussion designs, you can't see the other person's answer until you answer, so after you answer, copy everything out, and then modify it a little bit. Reverse the order, replace the synonyms and combine them. This is the new high-quality content.

Method two: have already said above, after answering, use local materials.

Method 3: accumulate more!

Oneself do paid survey, all kinds of online discussion, don't do calculate, the long sentences in the questionnaire, nice describe phrases are duplicated, classification, discuss, is about what type of also keep respectively, then to use, copy and paste directly, don't have to change, change are all high quality answer.

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